Greatly Expanded 2004 Edition!

The Knee Of Listening

The Divine Ordeal Of The Avataric Incarnation Of Conscious Light


Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj

The Knee Of Listening has transformed the lives of thousands of secular and religious seekers since it was first published in 1972.

Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Autobiography tells the miraculous story of His unique Incarnation and Revelation for the sake of Liberating all beings.

2004 expanded edition

$24.95, Illustrated, 840 pages

  • Adi Da's Autobiography from His birth to His
    Divine Re-Awakening
  • The secrets of Adi Da's "Pre-History"
    (before His birth in 1939)
  • Revelations about the Spiritual Work of the great Realizers in Adi Da's lineage, and His unique Demonstration of Most Perfect Divine Enlightenment
  • The profound events of "Yogic death" (in 1986, 1999, and 2000) that occurred after His Divine Re-Awakening (in 1970) — events that completed Adi Da's process of Incarnating the Divine Conscious Light