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"Divine Translation is the perfect fulfillment of the human
gestures toward Heaven, or Nirvana, or the state of Brahman,
or however Ultimacy is expressed in any tradition."

In the lore of the Spiritual traditions, certain Tibetan Realizers — including the celebrated Milarepa — are said to have spontaneously dissolved in light as a result of their intense contemplative practices.

And, in the annals of Indian Spirituality, there are further references — among them Tukaram (1608–1648) and Ramalingam (b. 1823). According to tradition, both of these Yogis showed signs of bodily transfiguration in their lifetime and were ultimately consumed in light.

Even a sage such as Ramana Maharshi (who had no personal interest in Yogic tours de force) refers to this tradition, citing more examples:

Manickavasagar is one of those whose body finally resolved itself in a blazing light, without leaving a corpse behind. . . . Nandanar is another whose body disappeared in blazing light.*

In the cases mentioned so far, the individual thus dissolved was the only "beneficiary " of the phenomenon. However, in the most extreme and humorous example, the South Indian Siddha Jnana Sambandhar is said to have been consumed in light at his own marriage ceremony, along with the entire wedding party!

There is a deeper significance to this than meets the eye — the idea that the profound sanctity of a greatly Realized being enabled him to take others with him to a higher place.

The Yoga of Divine Translation
Avatar Adi Da's Avataric Demonstration of Light is not about the search to dematerialize the body, nor is It about the search to escape from the body.

What is Revealed by the Divine Avatar in Part Three of The Knee Of Listening is a fathomless bodily Submission to Incarnate the Conscious Light that is His very Being — allowing this Revelation to Magnify fully in and through His human frame.

This is an unspeakable "Experiment ", a supreme Act of "Avataric Incarnation ". He lives in this infinitely Delicate Balance, between "Above " and "Below ", for the sake of Radiating His Condition to all, Contacting all, Blessing all, Drawing all to His Heart, and Awakening the full process of Divine Enlightenment in those who become His formal devotees.

Avatar Adi Da is Self-Relinquished into the Unknowable Process of His Appearance here — without recoil, without mind, and with unbounded Heart-Feeling.

In Part Three, He Speaks from the "Other Side ", while still Present here in the body, full of exquisite and unbounded Love and Sensitivity toward all that exists. He is Demonstrating Divine Translation, or the Ultimate Yoga of Conscious Light — which, as He has explained, is not about the spontaneous "combustion " of the body but, rather, the "Outshining " of all conditional existence, whether the body lives or dies.

This Yoga of Divine Translation is a Process that unfolds in the state of Divine Enlightenment. That never-before-revealed Process has unique characteristics in the case of the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da, because of His unique Avataric Nature and Work, but the essential process, as He says, is the birthright of all beings.

Divine Translation is the Graceful Gift He Offers to all — whether It is Realized in this lifetime or some future lifetime. Thus, as prefigured in the stories of Jnana Sambandhar's wedding, all are the beneficiaries of His Work of Divine Translation.

Divine Translation is the perfect fulfillment of the human gestures, ordinary and extraordinary, toward Heaven, or Nirvana, or the state of Brahman, or however Ultimacy is expressed in any tradition.

It is the "Destinyless Destiny" of Conscious Light. In The Dawn Horse Testament, Avatar Adi Da extends Einstein's equation and Speaks its Source-Truth. (In the first line of the quotation, "C " stands for Consciousness, and "E" stands for Energy).

C = E = mc2
Conscious Light Is all-and-All
Consciousness (Itself) Is Identical To The Self-Existing Energy (or Indestructible Light, or Perfectly Subjective Spiritual Self- "Brightness ") That Is all "things " (or all conditional forms, conditions, and states).

Aham Da Asmi.
I Am That One and Only Conscious Light
— Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar


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