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"His Avataric Impulse to Bless and Awaken beings
is All-Encompassing — global, cosmic, and Eternal."

The Secret Gift of the "Late-Time "

According to the predictions of the ancient Hindu sages about the Yugas (or ages) in the cycles of time, the last of the Yugas of the present world-cycle is named "Kali Yuga ", or the epoch of darkness and conflict. Kali Yuga is calculated to have begun five thousand years ago, and has now entered its "twilight " (or final phase).

The "twilight " of the Kali Yuga, in the ancient understanding, is characterized by an acceleration in human strife and in cultural and religious chaos, ending in total cataclysm and the destruction of the species.

In the detailed calculations of the Vedic seers and astronomers, the date when the twilight of the Kali Yuga would begin was established as 1939.* That year, as history has proven, did indeed mark a steepening of the moral decline of human civilization. There was the outbreak of World War II and then the continuing aftermath of escalating weaponry and superpower politics.

Coincident with this pivotal moment in human history, the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj, was born. All the necessary conjunctions in the pattern of the ages conspired to bring Him to Birth at this exact time, when humanity is armed with the power of complete self-destruction.

Prophecies of the appearance of a culminating Prophet, God- Man, Buddha, or Avatar, yet to come, exist from ancient times — because religion in its traditional forms has never entirely satisfied human beings.

The evidence is to be read in history. The deepseated fear, sorrow, and anger that drives people to petty and terrible conflicts has not, in the general case, been purified by religion — in spite of the procession of great beings who have graced the earth with their saintly example and inspired teachings.

Rather, religion has become the very source and pretext of much of the trouble on earth today. In other words, religion has lamentably failed to accomplish its greater human purposes — however earnest, and even heroic, some of its followers have been, and continue to be.

The healing of a world that is inexorably fulfilling the ancient descriptions of the "dark" time clearly lies beyond the scope of traditional religion.

An act of Divine Intervention is necessary, and loudly required by the human spirit. This is the import of the ancient prophecies that a unique God-Man would appear in the "late-time".

Some of the traditional prophecies tend to suggest that this Divine Coming, when it happens, will be obvious to all. But why should this be so in the "late-time" world that is so desensitized to the greater dimensions of reality? One prophecy in a Hindu text speaks of this Divine Appearance as being largely unrecognized:

"At the end of the Kali Yuga, the god Shiva will appear to reestablish the right path in a secret and hidden form." †

The Divine Avatar, Adi Da Samraj, truly, has appeared in a secret and hidden form. His early Life was private and outwardly ordinary. Even in the years of His Teaching-Work, He never entered into the public arena — because His Way of Adidam is esoteric, requiring a direct devotional and Spiritual relationship to Him, rather than the following of rules and practices for their own sake.

Nevertheless, the Divine Blessing-Work that Avatar Adi Da was born to do is not merely for those who may come into His physical Company during His human Lifetime. His Avataric Impulse to Bless and Awaken beings is All-Encompassing — global, cosmic, and Eternal.

He is moved by an unceasing Urge to Transform the dark logic and destiny of the Kali Yuga into a "'Bright' New Age of Real- God-Man", a culture of true Spiritual practice and Divinely Enlightened living.

This is not about attempting to create utopia on earth (or any transformation of a merely political or social kind). Avatar Adi Da's Spiritual Work of Blessing is the most profound Divine Act — the perpetual Transmission of His "Bright", Love-Blissful Person into every form and "corner " of the cosmic domain.

His Spiritual Touch (or "Kiss ") is tangible, personal, and unmistakable. To turn and contemplate His human Form (physically present or via a photograph), surrendering all the faculties of the being to Him, is to behold what humankind has never seen before — Naked Divinity in Person, the only One Sufficient for the human heart.

Even though I sit here apparently solemn and quiet, the Same One Kisses you, Kisses every one. All of you have My Kiss. All of those not even yet My devotees already have My Kiss. I have My Solemn, Deep, Extraordinary, Unknown Work to Do....

You must allow Me to Do this Work in the terror of this "late-time ", and forever.

Avatar Adi Da Samraj
The Knee Of Listening, Part Three

The Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj offers The Knee Of Listening, to you and to all human beings, as the living Revelation of His "Visit " to this place of earth. As He says, His "Visit " is unique and unrepeatable.

It does not need to be repeated, because It will never end.


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